Visitor logging and safety system.


Visitor logging and safety system.

Why Use VisitorWatch?

Three Simple Reasons!

1. Your Safety is Your Responsibility

Today, security has become one of the most serious issues. Whether it is a factory premises, an educational institution or an office building, you need to monitor who is coming in and who is going out.

Not just for the sake of monitoring or record keeping, but because in case of any incident, you should be able to get to the exact point.

2. Your Visitors' Safety is Also Your Responsibility

The lives of your visitors are as important as the lives of your employees. You must be prepared to get them out safely in case of any emergency situations.

3. Productivity Matters

Some employees spend too much time in personal meetings which can lead to a chain of productivity loss.

Keeping an eye on who spends how much time on personal meetings, you can improve productivity.