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Fire equipment maintenance software.

FireInspector is a product created to keep up fire equipment introduced in a premises. It tells when examination of a specific hardware is expected and if a gear is evacuated for support, it alarms about the missing hardware till it is put back in its position.

Exit Logics

Web based online exit interview system.

Organizations invest a great looking measure of energy and cash on the improvement of their representatives yet when the workers leave, they are left with nothing. Post employment surveys are directed to discover why the workers leave, where they go, which contenders they join and what is the representative turnover drift.


World's Simplest CRM

We contribute a tremendous measure of time and assets to ensure we get imminent purchasers, yet once the they have reached us, we more often than not don't have an arrangement to transform a lead into a real deal. It is vital to understand that in the vast majority of the cases, in the event that we keep in contact with these business prospects, then just we get business from them. Truth be told, the prospects need to get notification from you a few circumstances before they really purchase.


Utility billing and tracking system.

iUtilityBilling is an intriguing programming to record utilization of utilities, particularly in modern units. Utilization of utilities is recorded in units and in cash so it can be contrasted and earlier months or years in graphical or forbidden configurations.


Online newspaper and magazine management system.

iNews is a prepared to utilize framework to begin an online daily paper or a magazine. You can choose diverse topics, include logo, slogan, set design and include content � all from a simple to use back-end content administration framework (CMS).


Web based mass mailing system.

MailStudio is a PHP script for sending mass messages. You should simply manufacture a mailing list, assemble a crusade, appoint a rundown to a battle, set it and overlook it. The framework will naturally send messages to the general population in the rundown at a predefined setting of x number of messages every hour.


Cross-server database backup PHP script for MySQL.

iBackup is a PHP script created to take database reinforcement of a site and either transfer it on another server or send the database dump by email to a predefined email address. You simply set and overlook. If there should be an occurrence of a database crash, reestablish the database from the last reinforcement in only a couple of minutes.


Central project collaboration.

Workspace is one of the most effortless venture coordinated effort scripts accessible. We have made is basic by including exactly what is required and by dropping, what is most certainly not. The interface is much less demanding and the expectation to learn and adapt is only a couple of minutes.

SMS Gateway Plus

Web to SMS and SMS to web, android application.

SMS Gateway Plus is an Android application to send information from web as SMS and read SMS and post to a predefined website page.


Inventory management system.

Inventory Management System provides information to efficiently manage the flow of materials, effectively utilise people and equipment and coordinate internal activities.


Complaints management system.

iComplaints is a Web or intranet based programming application to log client complains. The complains are logged, reacted, talked about and raised if not attended to in predefined time. The framework can be utilized to catch complains from inside clients like offices or outside clients like customers.


Customer satisfaction survey application.

iSurvey is a consumer loyalty study programming application, that can be keep running as an independent application, over a corporate system or over the Web. The basic role of the application is to lead an after deal telephonic consumer loyalty review and infer brings about graphical or forbidden organizations.


Human Resource Management System.

HRMS is plug and play HRMS application for your business and is Web Prepared. Run it as an independent application, on a local network or over the Web, HRMS is ideal for all situations.


Incident logging system.

IncidentBox is a plug and play gadget, introduced with an incident logging programming framework. The gadget is a little device that fits into your PC system and offers access to approved clients to record episodes happening in your association, investigate them and get to the main driver to limit them.


Eye controlled computer with communication board for people with limited abilities.

EyePC consolidates an electronic adaptable correspondence board with pictures and a full fledged Windows 8.1 PC – that is worked by eyes rather than a physical console.


Preventive maintenance system.

FitMachines is a product created for preventive support of your gear. It tells when assessment of a specific gear is expected and if a hardware is evacuated for upkeep, it alarms about the missing hardware till it is set back in its position.


FitFleet is a software developed for maintenance of your vehicles.

FitMachines is a product created for preventive upkeep of your vehicle. It tells when review of a specific gear is expected and if a vehicle is evacuated for support, it alerts about the missing gear till it is set back in its position. The application can be keep running as an independent framework, over the corporate system or over the Internet.


Android based attendance system.

iAttendance is a NFC empowered Android gadget based on attendence system. You don't need to bother with any uncommon equipment, rather only a NFC proficient Android telephone or tablet.


Mobile field force reporting system with GPS tracking.

mReporting is a cell phone based framework to track activities of your field constrain. The team in the field records each visit with pertinent data on a cell phone. The data is sent to the main server alongside the GPS location.


Android based guard tour system with incident reporting.

A guard tour system is a system for logging the rounds of a guard watching a property. It guarantees that the guard makes his designated rounds at the right interims. iGuardTour is an Android based monitor visit system with instant incident reporting.


Visitor logging and safety system.

VisitorWatch, is a software system which keeps record of all incoming and outgoing visitors, hence eliminating the need for the traditional manual record keeping system.